Sunday, March 25, 2012


Stress is a serious problem face by many student at UCSA. Many of them are seeking help from their counsellor or lecturers to cope with problem. So, we conducted an interviews to find out more about the problem. Our finding shared 70% of the suffer from stress. What are the cause of stress and how can students manage stress. Here then, are the major causes of stress and suggestions to cope with the problem.

First of all, many student suffer from stress because they spend long hours at college. Students go to college from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm and have class on weekends. This situation will not give time for students to relax themselves. Moreover, they have a lots of homework, assignments and project to complete. If they do not complete their homework or assignment, their lecturer will reduce carry mark ant it’s will give a lot of effect to get a great mark in examination. Finally, many student are stressed because of high expectation by parents and college. Their parents and college want they score good grades, example, CGPA 3.5 and above. These then are the major causes of stress amount UCSA students.

How can we help students to cope stress. Firstly, students must learn to manage their time properly. They must prepare a study time table such as what time they want to study, play, eat and many other. They must also keep their assignment or project to deadlines. Furthermore, they should think positively. They must not panic and give up easily when faced problem. So, they must be motivated to solve their problem properly. Finally, they must learn to relax. Relax can solve reduces stress and avoid panic. For example, listen to soft relaxing music, go for walk in the park, play guitar or many other. These then are a few suggestions for students to handles stress.

To summarise, many students at UCSA suffer from stress because they spend long hours at college, they need to do a lots of homework, assignments and projects and have to meet the high expectations of them parents and college. In order to handle stress, the student should learn time-management skills, have positive thoughts, and learn relaxation techniques. If you don’t want to increase stress, always smile and enjoy yourself.

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